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Hello Globe!


Yooo, everybody!

As you may know I left for Japan in March’09. I’m joining a 10 months YFU exchange programm. This is why I made this blog.

I will try to keep it up to date as much as possible! 8D

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Everyone wants it!


Too bad you have to be Dutch to know WHAT.

Fyi, it’s short for the Kyoto University of Technic.
So there.

At school I got my gymnastics test results; I am A ranking. Out of the 170 people, I ranked number 7. .. For some reasonm that number hunts me everywhere! D8 Anyways, it’s pretty cool. It says I’m fit, and should do Basketball or soccer.


Also, today I went to Miyajima again with my friend. I will upload a picture of us later on! ;D It was amazingly fun.

Oh and, starting from tomorrow I have Silver week. Means a 4-days holiday. I will go to Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe. In 4 days. To all of it.


After the holidays, I have 2 days of school, and then I have autumn-holidays. .. I love my school for the free time I have! 8D

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For the sake of safety!


It’s all about safety in Japan, so don’t you even think of catching a finger in the door!

So today I went on the ferry to Miyajima again, on my own. Today’s weather was too freakin’ awesome. I met my best friend from school between the 249829759723 of people, made some pictures with random dudes who asked for a picture, and pat the peoples-clothes-eating deers’ heads. Just an ordinary day, nothing unusual. I made a drawing of a beautiful scenery, and went back to the ferry. Met my best friend again, so we talked for about 2 hours. I love Hikari. Some people call me the Dutch Hikari. .. We pro’lly look like eachother when it comes to character? Oh well.

Oh yeah, remember me saying something about ‘something totally ridiculous’?


No offence, I have absolutely nothing against gay people. At all!
.. But keep in mind they sell this at the normal gift shop, with people actually buying those shirts because they think the man on the front is funny. Hell, do they know what’s written on there.

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I’m at school now, waiting for the tests to be over so I can go home.
This week is testweek, so we get to leave at around 12.

Happy me is happy.

Not much has happened yet, until now. But I bet something totally ridiculous will happen soon. Soon, I tell you!


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“OTSUKAR- eh?”

Yup. I changed my club. I do basketball now! They were happy to have me in their team (not because I’m good, but because I add 20 centimeter to their height!)

So as always, on my way back home from school, I “Otsukare!” all the baseball-club members from the school near my house. We end around the same time, so we happen to meet. Climbing up the hill with my bike, I smile at them and praise their hard work with a tiredcheerful otsukare. I usually get them back at me. But today, I got something else delivered with it.

Guy #1: Blablablablabla
Guy #2: Blabla- *notices me softly cursing at the hill and nudges guy #1*
Guy #1: *chuckles*
Me: Ah! Otsukare! *nods head a little and smiles*
Guy #2: Otsukare! *flashes cool sign with his hand*
Guy #1: *walks up to me, grabs my hand and pushes chocolates in them* Otsukare! *walks away smiling*
Me: .. Otsukar- .. EH? *stares at the wrapped chocolates*

That was one of my “Otsukar- EH?” stories. Another one.

Guy: *talks like a hyper active little kid. Is probably 17 years old.*
Me: *curses bike*
Guy: OTSUKARE? *takes weird pose* OTSUKARE? *takes different pose* OOOOOOOOOOOOOTSUKAAAAAAAAREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! *takes the most awesome pose, with the most hilarious face*
Me: Otsukar- .. EH? *laughs*

They make my day. OTSUKARE!

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“Let’s cooking!”

I really wonder what’s up with the Japanese and putting “-ing” after every word possible.

“Let’s cooking!”
“Let’s cleaning!”
“Let’s enjoying!”
“Let’s studying!”

.. “Let’s not -ing!”

Sigh. You Japanese people you.

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Ichi maru kyuu!

It’s me again, being an horrible updater as always! D:

I will make a quick blog entry now. Because there has happened a lot of nice stuff! I can’t really remember half of it pro’lly, but I’ll try! 8D;

Okay, so.

1. Hanabi at Miyajima!
2. A-nation (TOHOSHINKI!) at Ehime!
3. Another Carps game!
4. Tokyo!


Fireworks at Miyajima. 3 friend of my hostbrother suddenly stayed over at our house, without my host brother being there. .. This apparently, is very normal and not weird at all. Motoki’s friends are all amazingly funny and nice, so I don’t really mind. Inoue, Tsuji and .. ehm. That one guy. He was tall, and is half Indo or something. .. Okay, this doesn’t help much. BUT OKAY, I WILL FIX THIS LATER. Ehm, so. I dressed in my yukata, as it was my last time that I was able to wear it. Inoue was also in his Jinbei, a traditional clothing for men at festivals. So, ehm, we went as a couple! XD; Just as a joke, though. ..

SO ANYWAYS. We went with my hostfather to Miyajima, a little bit early because it would be crowded.
.. This obviously was an event for a lot of tourists! D8 It was full and full of foreigners and even more Japanese people dressed into their pretty kimonos and yukatas. I think the island sank down a centimeter or 2. It made me wonder if the fireworks really were that amazing.

I got the answer to that 2 hours later.
Yes. Yes they were! WOW. The fireworks were like beautiful flowers, high up in the dark sky. The colors were awesome, I the sound they made when exploding was intense. You really could feel it in your chest! D8

After having experienced a very nice feeling, the feeling of a festival with a lot of smells and noises, we went home. Of course, this was hard because of the hundreds of people also wanting to go home. B|

So, instead of taking the train back home, we walked home.
YES. WALKED. We were deadly tired once we got home around 12, and my feet were killing me! But then they came with the idea to go bowling. At 12 o’clock. At night.

.. This somehow boasted them up. So, dragging me along, we went there. I, of course, was amazing- .. -ly bad. XD Tsuji and IMAI (I know his name, I know his name!) teached me, while Inoue gave me cheers. In the end, I still sucked badly! 8D
But hey, its about the fun, not about the results. (.. Says the girl that can not stand to lose. Woew.)

We went home around 2, me finally laying in bed at 3. Imai had to leave to get home at 5 in the morning the next morning, so he had a total of 2 hours of sleep. Possibly shorter. LOL.

However, that was my day.


I went to one of the biggest concert event in Japan, together with my friend! :DDDDDDDDDDDDD


Not to make anyone jealous or something but OMG. IT WAS AWESOME. A list of amazing artists showed up;
TOHOSHINKI, AYUMI HAMASAKI, KODA KUMI, OTSUKA AI, AAA, DO AS INFINITY, THE GIRL NEXT DOOR. There came even more artists, like SEAMO and Every Little Thing. It was seriously amazing, because I like all of them. 8D

Tohoshinki was for me, of course, the main event. Because they are possibly one of the most popular groups in Japan, them were the second to last artist to show up (Ayumi Hamasaki being the last one, since she is Japan’s diva).
It had been good weather that day, until the afternoon. It went a little grey at that time, which was great. It would’ve been too hot if not. So with the fortunate weather, even a little bit of rain, I could enjoy the concert to the fullest. When Tohoshinki came up, all the THSK towels were grabbed and swung around. SO MANY TOWELS. I think at least 60% of the crowd were Tohoshinki fans. Amazing. <3

The whole concert was love. They sung a lot of songs, all of them pumping the atmosphere up to the roof (which we didn’t have. LOL.)

I enjoyed all the artists, because I could sing along with most of the songs being sang there.
After the concert was over, we met up with my father again. Together, being deadly tired, we fell asleep during the 2/3 hour ride back home. |D


So I told you about Hiroshima’s pride, the Carps. (I’m so afraid of writing it wrong. The result could be dramatic.)  The baseball team that everyone knows! (I am watching them on TV as I typ.) Now, they’re not amazingly awesome kickass indestructable. But they sure are good! :DD Last time I told about them, they lost right? And you remember how I wished to go again, but then with them winning and all?

4 – 0, with amazing homeruns.

Of course, I forgot to recharge the battery of my camera that day. .. So no pictures. My hostdad said it was okay, because “I HAZ A CAMERA.”
Yeah. He had a camera. One without energy, that is! So we ended up taking pictures with our phones.

But it was extra cool because this time my hostsister and her boyfriend came along too. So the fun was shared with more people! :DD


Last, but definitely not least! Now, this thing came up really unexpected. And the reason of going was actually not that fun. My hostfather’s uncle was at the point of dying, and before he would die, he wanted to see my hostfather. My hostfather had no idea why the guy wanted to see him of all people, because they hadn’t seen or spoken eachother for ages. But, because this is Japan and everyone has to be polite, he would go. My hostfather grew up in Tokyo, so that’s why his uncle was there too. And because my hostfather thought it would be fun for me to see Tokyo too (or because he just didn’t want to go alone?) he asked me to come with him.

He made me an offer I could not refuse.

Of course, I would not even dare to refuse such an offer! So, I tagged along that next saturdag. I text messaged my co exchange student and good friend Colin, if he would be able to show me around Tokyo while my dad was doing his business. “SURE.” he had said.

Arriving at Haneda airport in Tokyo, I could see the amazing CBD with their high buildings and busy looking atmosphere. From there on, we took the monorail (YES, THE VEHICLE OF THE FUTURE!) and swoof-ed through the side-towns of Tokyo.

I met Colin somewhere at a station I forgot the name off, and said bye to my hostdad there. From there on, Colin was my guide.

We went to Harajuku first, the street of the weird people. :D <3


This was super cool, because its a famous street. A lot of people, a lot of shops.

After we walked all the way through the street, we walked all the way to Shibuya!


109 – ICHI MARU KYUU. The famous shopping tower. It’s a pain in your wallet, I swear. And the clothes are.. special. Very, very special. It’s the most weirdest fashion I’ve ever seen. If it’s not pink or looks like a rainbow has threw up on you, then it’s fluffy, short or .. just plain ugly. AND EXPENSIVE. Just when you think you find a decent looking t-shirt, it costs you about 50 euros. .. Because you know, money grows on your back, right?

When we walked further on, we saw this game center thingy with one of the most famous beings ever.
QUESTION: Who has seen Pikachu taking the elevator?



Yes people, I saw Pikachu taking the elevator. I actually took this picture especially for my cousin Julia. (HI JULIA!) 8D

Colin and me being all spazzy over the cool being that is pikachu, we walked back with our Pikachu caps, because it was getting late. We took purikura, and met up with my hostdad again. Saying our byes, we went to our hotel.

I had my own room. YES.


I watched tv, because there was the yearly held “24 hour TV” marathon going on, a big event in Japan, with some of my favorite people coming on. So I watched that until some late hour, before I fell asleep.

The day after we went to Asakusa, a place with temples and such in Tokyo. It was interesting, but once you walked through it, you’d seen all. And we went to Akihabara, a place for Anime/manga/cosplay lovers! (*cough* Otakus *cough*) Super cool, but also a bit boring after you’ve seen it all. 8D; Sorry!

After that, we met up with Colin again, and this time also his hostmother. We went to Shibuya again, and were tired after it was all over.

We took the plane home later that day. ;D

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Despite having various things happen, and even more things being on my mind, I have been very silent lately. This is due to a potent mixture of me being very busy, and very .. lazy. D:

As I just said, a lot of things have happened since I’ve last posted on here. I will list them under here. AHUM.

1. Tohoshinki concert. Yes, you might think I’m very calm about this, but right now I’m spazzing behind my computer. Of which the mouse has broken. DAAA~HAAADDD!
2. My birthday.
3. .. Experienced a little bit of homesickness and actual real sickness.
4. The Hiroshima baseball team’s game in the new Hiroshima stadium.
5. Summer vacation has started. (Saw Rookies and Gokusen at the movies!!!)
6. Seen Hanabi and now understand why everyone is so excited over Japanese fireworks.

There probably happened more, but I can’t remember it right now. (Also, the post might become superb long, and as I said, I’m quite lazy! Suman, sumaaaan~)


The concert. I’m not gonna type out everything that I saw, because that would be too much. And since half of the readers don’t know my favorite group, it’s probably not that interesting 8D
Anyways, I went to pick up the ticket for the concert I’d bought over the internet from a friend who lives here in Japan, near Hiroshima. We went together to the concert, too.

I think it was one the most awesome thing I’ve experienced yet in my life.

I’m not overreacting. Seeing something you’ve been wanting to see for a couple of years, IS PRETTY GOOD SHIZZLE. I made a lot of pictures!.. of before the concert, and after.
Yeah. Because during the concert, the guard who stood there to prevend people from taking pictures looked really angry my way. WAS IT BECAUSE I’M A FOREIGNER, NUMBER 64?! (They had no name tags, only numbers.)
Anyways, it was mindblowing. I had the time of my life there, and was still in a daze for a couple of days after! *dreamy sigh*

I’ll post on pictures later on~~

Mah birthday!

Thank you all who have send me cards and wishes! They’ve made me very happy!

Besides the amazingness from overseas, I got some coolness here in Ogenki-land too! My hostparents gave me a lot of stuff. I got a Yukata, a haircurler/straighter and I got .. TICKETS FOR A-NATION!!!

What is A-nation, you ask? Simple.

One of the most amazing events held in Japan, that’s all. eFRGKJEGKEJG And I’m going there! Tohoshinki will come again! And Koda Kumi, AAA, Ayumi Hamasaki, Otsuka Ai, Do As Infinity and The Girl Next Door!

I’m happy. I’m going there with a friend of mine, Kazuhi, and some girls in my class are going also. So that’s gonna be fun fun fun!

Oh, and I picked up my cellphone. It’s an uncool white small thingy, but it’s Japanese and I love it! (There are like, hanging hundreds of cellphone-straps on it. Yeah. I will make a picture once!)

I actually have to scroll up to see what 3 is, because I forgot.

Oh yeah, I see.. Homesickness and actual sickness.
Well yeah, I had them both. I think the sickness came from my homesickness. I’ve stayed home from school for 4 days, because my stomach hurted amazingly much. I even went to the doctor for it, with my mom. I got medicine for it, and the pain slowly went away.

The stomach pain did, but the homesickness didn’t. It was not a horrible kind of homesickness, just a small one. I wanted to see a lot of faces again, and talk about silly things with them. It’s because communicating here is still kind of hard, of course. Your funny is still a little bit different from the funny here, because its hard to express yourself in the right words. LUCKILY I have friends who understand who I am, so actually think that when I’m trying to be funny, it actually IS funny. I don’t know, I find laughing with others very important! XD;

But yeah. I do realize how fast time goes, so I need to make the best of the time I have left, and I should not spend it being homesick. So I got over it little by little, and in about a week I was normal again. .. Well, better again. (I’ve never been normal to begin with!)



SO YES. I went to the baseball game. Carps vs. Yakult Swallows. I’ve become pretty much a baseball fan since I’m here, so I can’t get enough of seeing the games. (I’ve lost count on the amount of what I’ve seen!)

But this was the biggest one until now. In the new stadium that has opened recently this year, I saw the Hiroshima baseballteam going down against Tokyo’s.
.. Yeah, they lost. BUT that does not change the fact that it was an amazing thing to have experienced! The feeling of thousands of people cheering for one team gives this warm feeling. And just the fact you’re doing something with your hostfamily is fun too~

I’ve fallen in love with #18, Maeda Kenta (前田 健太) the pitcher. He’s an amazing pitcher. And handsome. An amazingly handsome pitcher. An handsome, amazing pitcher? Well, a bit of both! 8D
I learned the names of the team out of my head, so I feel like a proud Carps fan now!

.. If I only had that shiiirtttt ..

ANYWAYS. I will, once more, post pictures of that on later!


My summer vacation started the 19th of July, so I’m in the middle of it right now! 8D I went out with friends, took a lot of purikura, and bought summer clothes!

I have mentioned Gokusen before, it’s the drama my mom is addicted to now too! (Hi mom! What episode are you on now?! :D) And the movies came out the 11th of July, so I had to watch it as soon as possible! .. That became the 20th, BUT WHATEVER. It was an awesome movie, with almost all the people from season 1 until season 3 of the drama in it!

Needless to say, it was worth the pay right?!?!! :D

Now what is Rookies?


BAM. Rookies! It’s also a movie that’s based on a drama which is based on a manga. Just like Gokusen.
Rookies also contains guys that like to fight, just like Gokusen. But Rookies is a little bit different.
Rookies is about guys that lost their passion for baseball because of an incident that happened a long time ago, until there is this new teacher that gives them back that passion little by little. And in the end.. THERE IS A MOVIE. AHAHAH. I’m not gonna tell you what happends, ’cause that spoils it for some people.

IT WAS AWESOME. (Please take notice of guy number 3. Sato Takeru, one of my crushes, is in there too! 8D)


Despite the freedom, during summer vacation I still need to go to school for my club. The track and field club still meets like 3 times a week, starting from August. *sigh* BUT, its fine! I like it!

I’m also going on a school camp with my class and such, somewhere where there are a lot of pretty flowers, green grass, cool rivers, big trees and no showers. .. NO SHOWERS?!?!

Yes, no showers. for 2 days we’ve to wash ourselves in the river, smelling funny and feeling dirty. Woop woop!
BUT, afterwards we’re going to an Onsen! That’s a warm water spa~ VERY RELAXING AND FUN. (If you count away the fact you’ve to get in with just a towel. Where everyone is. .. Just a towel..)


Yup! So 4 days ago, Saturday, I came to the conclusion the Japanese might not have common knowledge of anything out of Japan, but they DO have knowlegde on fireworks! Holy quacamole!

It was so pretty! We went on a boat to the Hiroshima bridge, where it was crowded with people, and from that boat we watched the prettiest flowers exploding in the sky. It was spectacular! I enjoyed it a lot, and made a lot of videos and pictures.

.. Yup, I will put those on some day too! 8D;



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Just to proof I’m still alive!

I’ve been a horrible blog updater, and I’m really sorry. D:
Everyone, thank you for your nice birthday letters and presents <3 I really loved receiving them over here!

17 now, huh?

All my buddies over there in holland, congrats on the graduating! :D I'm a little bit embarrased to say that I cried a little over all your moments of victory. Tears of only happiness, of course! 8D <3

I got a lot to tell, but atm I suffer from a cold, so I'm not supposed to be on right now. I'll dug into my bed again in a couple of minutes. *eats yogurt*


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カラオケ と ボりング~

おっす! ★彡

Here I am, once again 8D (I just know some of you started singing Kelly Clarkson’s song)
You must be surprised I’m updating so fast after eachother since you’re not really used to that from me. WELL, these 3 days were just too good to leave untold about!

First, Mo-kun came back, which is a great deal for me! :D; And Kazuki happily bounced along with him, lol. I’ve told about Mo-kun’s friends before, and Kazuki is someone I can get along with pretty. He might be 19, but he acts like he is 19+7-20. He stayed over for the night, but before we actually went to sleep.. WE WENT KARAOKE! ヽ(☆ー☆)ノ ♪

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS MY FIRST TIME KARAOKE. I’ve to admit it was kind of scary at first, and the whole car ride I was trying to collect all the nerves that were oozing out of my ears. (Or that were just braincells, I dont know.) HOWEVER, once we arrived there and walked to our room, we passed a lot of other rooms. And for some reason, I gained convidence. It might be because of the sound of cats being strangled and non-tuned trumpets in peoples troat. WOW. The rooms obviously weren’t all that soundproof! Holding back my laughter at a scream that sounded more than a bit forced, we entered our small but comfy room. A big ass screen and 2 microphones were already put on ready for us, so sitting down, we choose our songs. SO MANY GOOD SONGS I KNOW <3 Yet, I decided to watch them do it first.
And wow, Kazuki and Motoki are surprisingly good singers! D: Kazuki started off with Arashi’s Happiness, a song we all 3 knew. So that kind of brought the mood in. After that, a couple of anime songs followed sung by Motoki and Kazuki. Those 2 are serious idiots when they’re together, leave alone when singing together. After that, Kazuki and me sung Avril Lavigne’s Girlfriend, and Motoki and I Sk8er boi. Then I sung Chris Brown’s forever, and Tohoshinki’s Summer Dream in which Kazuki suddenly joined. BUT KYAAA, SO MANY TOHOSHINKI SONGS. I was so surprised to see that many. Around 90 or something! Motoki choose Tohoshinki’s We are, and wanted me to sing along. KWRLFRJG I SRSLY CANT SING, AND DEF NOT IN JAPANESE. But when Japanese people sing, they know no shame. And thats so much fun. XD After tiring karaoke, the three of us shared this bigass icecream together. I should’ve made a picture of it, it was huge! (40 cm, to be exact.)

So after going home, we played some games and went to bed (at 3 am). Having just 7 hours of sleep because I had to get out at 10 the morning after, I helped my mom getting everything ready for AYA AND KOICHI! :D YAAAAAAAAY. I was really nervous meeting them, but luckily they were too. .. Okay, not so lucky. NERVOUS PEOPLE. But we got pretty relaxed after meeting and talking abit in English. Good, grammatically correct English. They’re really funny people. Which is good! Because the whole family was together (Motoki picked grandma up) they decided to call it my welcome’s party <3
The food mom, Aya, Koichi and I prepared was delicious if I may say so myself! 8D The mood was fantastic, and I really enjoyed.

After dinner, dad came with an idea; ”LETS GO BOWLING, NE!?” (”ボりング いきます、ね?!”)
So we did. Otoosan, Motoki, Aya, Koichi and me. Obaachan and okaasan stayed at home, talking and watching tv. However, bowling was real fun~ And I ended up first place! .. from the bottom. I blame the bowlingballs; they were Japanese and obviously racistic towards Dutch people! (;¬_¬)
Also, I suspect Koichi from being a pro bowler. He is good. My jaw dropped when he had a spare instead of a strike! HE STOLE ALL THE GOOD BOWLINGBALLS!

Arriving back home we were deadly tired, so went to bed. Except for Motoki and I, who went to bed somewhat later (at 3 am .. Yeah, I also dont know).

And today, we went somewhere of which I dont know the name anymore. It actually was a child’s park, but weirdly enough we all enjoyed. ┓( ̄ー ̄)┏
We walked around there for a bit, before heading off to grand opening of a new huge shopping mall. .. Strang how there wasn’t much interesting in it except for the music/book store. Bought a magazine~
After that, we went home and.. kind of all chilled out. Aya and Koichi packed their stuff because it was time to say goodbye. :C sadface. One last picture, all together.IMG_1458_1But, we’ll see each other next month again, though! SO CHEER UP, ジェシカ!~ :D

That was it! Gonna shower now! Will update later again~

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First of all, thanks peeps who are actually reading my posts 8D

So yeah! Sorry for not updating for a while, but here I am again~
Everything is still awesome and new. 1 and a half month has past now since I left, and I’m not being homesick even a bit. (No offence to you all, beautiful people! <3)

School is my daily thing, and I’m enjoying that very much. Made a lot of friends, and take a lot of interesting lessons. I got modern Japanese, maths, PE, social study, communication, information, Long home room, Physical and health study and English. As you can see, I italic-ed maths, so obviously I’m gonna say something about that.
*clears troat* Maths. In holland I didnt understand a bit of it, and that was in Dutch. Now, try maths in Japanese. THAT is funny. They say maths is something universal, but seriously, to me it is NOT. Now I got the luck it is material I had 4 years ago, or otherwise I’d have a le problem. But the teacher is nice and actually understands English, so I’m okay.

Besides the whole drama of not understanding half of the lessons, I made 4 tests in Japanese up until now, and scored them all a 100% good. てんさい です、てんさい です! (.. I just stated that I’m a genius. .. You can laugh at me now.)

I also joined a club. Rikujyo bu, also known as ‘Track and Field’ in english. Its running a thousand laps and sprints. Its tiring, 3 times a week 2 hours long, and causes your muscles to feel like they’re on fire. And strangely, I enjoy it to the fullest! D:
Everyday I sport here and I’m slowly becoming an addict. I watch the baseball games of the boysschool in my neighbourhood every saterday because ever since I came in Japan, I fell in love with the sport. For the Japanese baseball is like soccer is for the dutch!

THAT REMINDS ME. I made a couple of guy friends, which I actually am very happy with! Since most of my friends are guys at home, I hoped to make some here too. And now I did. One of the guys I talk the most with is Hatakenaka Kanji (no, not the Japanese writing style. That one is -not- my friend.)
Kanji always takes the same train as me since his school is very near mine, so we speak eachother almost everyday. It’s not amazingly intensive talking, but a lot of broken Japanese and English. It’s fun, though. 8D His friends are nice too, but I speak less with them. Maybe later on (when I dont have to communicate with hands and feet)~

BUT. I wont see him for a week, since we got school holidays now! :D Which means Motokiくん will return tomorrow! WOOOEEEHOOEEEEE~
And if that’s not enough awesomeness, tomorrow also is the flower festival~ It’s a festival with a lot of .. flowers. And a parade in which a couple of my friends are participating in. Which is a big honor.

AND because thats not enough either, Aya-chan will pay a visit during the holidays~! <3 It will be my first time meeting my hostsister and her boyfriend, so I’m more than just a bit excited! Luckily, she studies english, so it won’t be all chinese!

Oh, I forgot to tell you! I went alone to the city last weekend. ALONE. SOLO. 1人! It was nervewrecking, since its a long trip and a lot of Japanese. I had to take 2 trains, and passed alot of stations. BUT, I MANAGED. I even asked a couple of people in Japanese. (proudproudproud)
Met up with my Canadian friend there, because we just craved for a day of understanding in NORMAL english! It was fun, though.

The day after I went to the movies with my hostfather. There was a movie that really seemed interesting, so my father suggested to go and watch it (he kind of jawdropped when he saw he was one of the 2 guys in theater the movie played). It’s called ‘2 steps’ and is a Japanese dance movie. Now, Japanese acting is not one of the best acting there is, but this was seriously good. AND, JUST MY LUCK, THE STAR FROM THE MOVIE CAME AND HELD A SHORT SPEECH! Apparently, it was the premiere of the movie. So he came to say hello. (HE WAS REALLY REALLY HANDSOME!)
I got pictures of it, secretly made by my hostfather, so I’ll post those later.

Next to the movie, I got addicted to Japanese dramas. They’re so different from the Dutch ones! I already had seen a few before I came to Japan, but honestly it’s until now I actually really enjoy them. I’m in love with Gokusen, a drama about a boysschool and an amazing female teacher who kicks some serious ass. ITS GOOD. AND FUNNY! 8D


There we go.
WOEW, thats a good 820 words or something. More words later on!

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